Web Design

All the sites I design and build are mobile responsive - meaning they're all readable on mobiles, tablets (and even normal computers) without having to 'pinch', 'swipe' or 'expand' anything.

You can either have a site that I then hand over to you to keep up-to-date, or if you'd rather just stick to what you do best and set me up as your 'webmaster' then that works for me.

The other sites listed are ones that I set up but no longer maintain. Some of these still stick to the look I gave them originally, others don't.

A handful of live sites:

Blue Apple

Blue Apple was founded in 2005 to use the skills and enhanced confidence gained through the arts to change the way people see and understand learning disability. Blue Apple have produced 24 original theatre productions since 2005. These have included full company productions of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (2010), ‘The Government Inspector’ (2011), ‘The Snow Queen’ (2013), ‘Arabian Nights’ (2014) and ‘The Selfish Giant’ (2015). Major touring productions have included the ground-breaking, anti-hate-crime show, 'Living Without Fear' (2011-14); 'Hamlet' (2012); and 'Much Ado About Nothing' (2015). Hamlet went on to be the subject of an hour-long BBC3 documentary ‘Growing up Downs’ which won the prestigious Creative Diversity Network Most Ground-Breaking Programme Award for changing perceptions of disability - and was nominated for an International Emmy. Blue Apple’s dance performances have been commissioned for festivals, conferences and prestigious events nationally. I also do all their posters, flyers and programmes etc. See the Graphic Design page for examples.

The Flower Pots

The award-winning Flower Pots Inn and Flower Pots Brewery lies in the village of Cheriton in the county of Hampshire, three miles south of Alresford, and seven miles to the east of Winchester. Brewing began at The Flower Pots Brewery in its current form in 2006. It is a 10 brewers’ barrel plant and has been extended recently to allow for increased capacity. People travel miles to visit The Flower Pots, you should give it a go.

The Occasion

Based in Edinburgh, The Occasion are a professional theatre company who specialise in original work and community projects. They're currently developing a small scale touring show based on the life and work of Mary Shelley, and a community production based on the novel The Time Machine by H.G.Wells. Their most recent touring production was the psychological thriller 'The Taking of Zena Charbonne', which played in theatres up and down the UK. As with Blue Apple, I've also done all their posters, programmes etc. See the Graphic Design page for examples.

Totally Tropical Villas

Ian and Helene live in Salobreña and run a property rental / property management company based on the exclusive Monte De Los Almendros urbanisation. All the villas they have on their books are pretty impressive and, if you're looking for a good place for a holiday, it's not as expensive as you might think once you've split the cost between a few of you. I also ended up taking all the pictures on this site. And Ian supports Watford.

Ty Nancy

Fancy a holiday in Wales? If so then you could go and stay here. Ty Nancy sits in the idyllic city of St Davids, Pembrokeshire. It consists of two late 18th century Grade 2 listed cottages, converted into one. It's recently been thoroughly renovated and sleeps five in three bedrooms plus a double sofa bed. St Davids itself is the smallest city in the UK, famous for its magnificent 12th century cathedral and ancient Bishop's Palace. It is situated in a hollow, which (luckily) keeps it out of sight of pirates.


Vanda Athay is a visual artist based in Polopos, a pueblo blanco in Granada Province, Spain. She first started felt work some 40 years ago when living in Somerset, and has exhibited in England, Spain and many other places. She uses only natural materials in her work and every piece is unique, as even she doesn't know how the work will turn out until it's finished.

Bar Alaska

If Salobreña does have a United Nations style meet-up point then this is it. A family bar / restaurant in the heart of town where (on any given night) you can test your French, German, Norweigan, English and, of course, Spanish. Hopefully this site does a good job of showcasing the combined merits of alcohol, pool, and roast chicken.

Inspired Wellbeing

Are you eating too many burgers and drinking too much fizzy pop? If so, you could do a lot worse than to get in contact with Rebecca and David (aka Smudge), who live up in the mountains in Órgiva. They have a wealth of nutrional knowledge at their fingertips and we're slowly trying to convert that knowledge into a website. Because it's such a huge subject it's constantly changing, so if you're interested then it's best to sign up to their mailing list.

Nurture Health

Lily's goal as a practitioner is to help you achieve whatever it is you want from your life. What she loves to see is people shine; become healthy, happy, contented, and living their dreams - whilst giving back to the world.

Previous work:

Winchester Film Festival

Originally built for the University of Winchester in 2010, this site is now updated in-house by the legendary Christian Francis. See the Graphic Design for other WFF work.

Circus Futures

Circus Futures is an arts organisation who works focuses on contemporary circus. Within the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, Circus Futures has been working to develop the work of emerging circus artists and also assisting to publicise established circus companies.

Saloarte y Turismo

Now in its fourth year, SaloArte y Turismo is a cultural event held in Salobreña which features a wide range of local and international artists. The event will take place in late June / early July in a range of venues across the town. The aim is to highlight the uniqueness of Salobreña in Andalusia and its great potential as a cultural, educational and tourist attraction on the Costa Tropical.

Winchester Beer Festival

After a break of many years, the Winchester Beer Festival re-launched in 2011 and I did their site for them. When you go to a beer festival you buy tokens at the door. Once inside, you exchange those tokens for beer. And I got paid in tokens. It was a long weekend. One of the people at CAMRA now runs the site.

The Colour Factory

One of the finest places to visit in Winchester... although I doubt I thought that when I was scanning all those buttons in. If you're ever lucky enough to visit the Colour Factory in an official capacity be prepared for an endless supply of tea and cakes. This must date back to about 2006 and has been altered and updated by Michael Jennings for the last five years or so.

Wet Picnic

Wet Picnic is a devised theatre ensemble that creates high-impact visual and physical theatre. When I first met Matt Ferrick (the boss) he kind of wanted the impossible. But most of that impossible got done and most of it still seems to be there.


Peter Bruntnell

Pete's present site isn't one of mine but his first was also my first. Way back in 2001. If you like music then you should have a listen. Pete's one of the best songwriters out there.

John Parish

He's played with PJ Harvey, the Eels, Giant Sand and a whole host of other people. His own stuff is awesome as well. I think Michelle now runs the site but I was lucky enough to do the first.


For nine years or so, Oliver Gray and I were quite happily putting on gigs under the banner of SXSC, which stood for South by South Central. And then in June last year, SXSW in Texas sent us a 'cease and desist' letter. So we had to change it. Nice to know that a massive festival in the US felt threatened by two people booking their favourite bands in a Hampshire pub. Jerks. Dave Eno now runs the site. Top chap.